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Power outages 

Once utility electricity is lost, Standby Electrical Generators start automatically within seconds of an electrical power outage, and restores high-quality electrical power to your home or business. Standby Electrical Generators keep the electricity on. Standby Electrical Generators run on home or business standard natural gas or propane, and do not need constant gasoline refueling. The generator is installed and connected on the outside of the home or business just like an air conditioning unit. Critical hard-wired systems like security alarms and camera systems, electrical wall outlets for computers and electronics, telephone systems, lights, and air-conditioning will continue functioning uninterrupted. During an electricity power outage, one of the first things to go in a home is the food in the refrigerator and freezer. A Standby Electrical Generator will keep the refrigerator and freezer powered-up and milk, meat, eggs and groceries will not become spoiled.
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